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Our story

Our story

We officially started on May 25, 2020. However, the idea originated in 2018 and even then we started designing the whole project.


The previous two years have passed in constant work and education, in order to proudly present the concept of Rio Verde to you, our dear guests.


What is very important is that we do not offer a classic hotel-sports complex, but a way of life. The way we live, a completely different view of life.


On the property, where today there is a small hotel, a restaurant with cascades and a sky bar, there is one life, which is acceptable to every person. Health, recreation, sports, vacation, quality food, an environment surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Zeta river, are the values that adorn Rio Verde.


In such an environment, it is easy for people to be themselves.


What we want for ourselves, we want for you. To be your own.


Rio Verde team


Our story - Rio Verde



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