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Restaurant Rio Verde - Rio Verde

Restaurant Rio Verde

In the core of Bjelopavlićka plain, with a breath-taking view, there is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Podgorica. Restaurant Rio Verde” provides a long lasting comfort to its clients. Exceptional food, pleasant ambiance, and professional staff will make you become our regular guests. Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel complex. Guests have three different ambiences at their disposal. Restaurant hall, terrace overlooking the river Zeta and romantic cascades on the shore

Where senses come first.

Rio Verde restaurant offers you some of the best specialties, prepared in the kitchen, which is managed by international chef with enviable culinary skills, Miloš Milonjić.

There is no doubt about Miloš, his motto is: "Quality food is the best way to enjoy life".

On the terrace we offer you an unforgettable ambience and a view of the "green river"

Stepped cascades make a unique part of the restaurant, where guests, in a romantic setting, just a few meters away from the river Zeta can taste the specialties of the house.

The sound of the river and the smell of our food will move your senses.

You will stop thinking and start feeling.

Where senses come first. - Rio Verde

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