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Podgorica - Rio Verde


Montenegro’s capital – Podgorica

Podgorica is a capital and largest city in Montenegro. It is situated in the central part of Morača River. Symbols of the city are Gorica Hill, after which it was named, Ribnica Bridge, remains of city Doclea, The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Clock Tower and many more.


Doclea (or Duklija in Montenegrin) is a ruined Roman town that has been submitted for consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruins are only 4 km away from Rio Verde complex and a wonderful place to see while you are here.

The site is unfortunately unprotected and unpreserved. Early archaeologists removed any artefacts they found, and they are now on display in Podgorica Museum, but the stone ruins now lie in the unprotected field.

You can walk around the area and imagine life here 2,000 years ago. Interestingly, archaeologists found about 300 tombs here that date back to the 1st century. If you want to go here, I recommend doing some research on the history of the area because there is no information onsite.

Doclea - Rio Verde
The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ - Rio Verde

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is a Serb Orthodox cathedral in downtown Podgorica. It is relatively new; it was started in 1993 and took 10 years to finish. The cathedral sits in an open field, surrounded by tombstones that date back to the 9th century. One of the most interesting things about this church is the design. It was designed by Dr Predrag Ristic, a Serbian architect who is built over 100 churches in his career. The stone slabs at the bottom of the building are huge and rough and the stone gets smoother and finer as it goes up. The ornate details carved into the building really showcase the skill of local stonemasons. Inside, you will see lots of murals of saints on a background of gold. The cathedral is located 6.8 km or 12-minute drive from Rio Verde complex.

Adventure Park Gorica

Adventure Park Gorica is a tree-top ropes course in Gorica Forest Park that has courses for the whole family. There are three children’s courses and two adult’s courses. Each course has 10-15 obstacles you have to overcome to complete the course. There is also a gym, playground, and café, making this a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy one of Podgorica’s many green spaces. It is located in the center of the city, 13-minute drive from Rio Verde complex. 

Adventure Park Gorica - Rio Verde
Ribnica Bridge - Rio Verde

Ribnica Bridge

Ribnica Bridge is one of the most historic sites in Podgorica. People have been here since about the 5th century, and what started as an outpost gradually became a settlement and then a town. The bridge was originally built by the Romans and then it was renovated under Ottoman rule, which is why it is also known as Adzi-Pasa’s Bridge.

You can walk over the bridge and around the ruins of the fortifications. Unfortunately, there has been no investment to preserve the ruins and there is a lot of litter. Still, it is a pretty area around the Ribnica River and if you like history and ruins, this is a must-see while in Podgorica. The bridge is located 6.6 km from Rio Verde complex, in the capital’s center.

Clock Tower of Podgorica

Clock Tower of Podgorica, (a.k.a. Sahat kula in Montenegrin) is located at Bećir Beg Osmanagić square, in the Stara Varoš neighborhood, 7.3 km away from Rio Verde complex. It is one of the very few Ottoman landmarks that survived the bombing of Podgorica in World War II.

The tower was built in 1667, by Hadži-paša Osmanagić, a prominent citizen of Podgorica. It is a freestanding 16m tall stone clock tower that served as city’s defense and as a city clock for a long time.

Its first turret clock mechanism was made in 1890 by Pietro Colbachini foundry in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, after Podgorica was incorporated into Montenegro (original mechanism was made in Austria). Around the same time, a metal cross was installed at the top of the tower, symbolizing transfer of the city from the Ottomans into the hands of Christian Montenegrins.

Today, the Clock Tower is an important cultural monument of Montenegro, protected by law. The clock was renovated in January 2012, when new electric mechanism was installed, as old one is kept for historic significance only.

Clock Tower of Podgorica - Rio Verde

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